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28: Satan Oscillate My Metallic Sonatas


| Fall 2003 |

Editors: William Wood and Reid Shier


  • Hexex / Rodney Graham
  • Belfast Angel / Phillip McCrum
  • Canada’s Daughter / Althea Thauberger
  • Max & Moritz / Michael Turner, Illustrations by Geoffrey Farmer
  • Saddam’s Arms / Marina Roy
  • 200 Sex Offenders / Michael Euyung Oh
  • Offensive / William Wood
  • Five Coloured Words in Neon / Ron Terada
  • Sheds / Steven Shearer
  • Fog / Kevin Schmidt
  • A Bustle in Your Hedgerow: Long Beach, Led Zeppelin and the West Coast Sublime / Peter
  • Culley
  • Homegrown / Reid Shier
  • Thinking Punching / Trevor Mahovsky
  • Dead Risks / Peter Hudson
  • Gastown Riot / Neil Wedman
  • Maybe Osama bin Laden Makes Beautiful Art / Amy Pederson
  • Belfast Tinsel: Letters to Gerald / Philip McCrum
  • Poems / Steven Shearer


Emerging from a 2002/2003 exhibition at Vancouver’s Contemporary Art Gallery, this issue draws parallels between depictions and suggestions of violence, and reflects on the aesthetics of control, catharsis and elegy. The editors curated a collection of belles letters, anecdotes, poetics and music.


Amy Pederson “Maybe Osama Bin Laden Makes Beautiful Art”

“What terrorists gain, novelists lose; what terrorists gain, composers lose; what terrorists gain, artists lose. The more we see terror, the less impact we feel for art. If the terrorist is the new artist, then how can the World Trade Center bombings be considered anything other than art?” (156)