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47: 3D Cinema and Beyond


| Spring 2013 |
Edited by Dan Adler, Janine Marchessault and Sanja Obradovic

This issue brings together essays and artist portfolios that engage with mainstream entertainment, experimental film and historical scholarship as part of a larger context for examining the grammar of 3D cinema — its histories and its futures. From cinema and television to video games and augmented reality, the essays consider an “expanded field” of stereoscopic visual culture. Contributors explore obsolescent and emerging technologies, singular and trend setting practices, narrative and documentary approaches, and the overall perceptual experiences of 3D media. This groundbreaking collection includes Sergei Eisenstein’s extraordinary 1947 essay “On Stereocinema” translated for the first time in its entirety; a landmark address by Wim Wenders; and the last essay written by 3D pioneer researcher Ray Zone.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction, Dan Adler, Janine Marchessault and Sanja Obradovic


  • The Fictional Referent as Signifier in 3D Photography, Rebecca Hackemann
  • School, Naomi Salaman with Maria Westersthal
  • Occupy Image, Willy Le Maitre

PART I: Excavating 3D Cinema’s Past

  • On Stereocinema (1947), Sergei Eisenstein (translated by Sergey Levchin)
  • The Experimental Origins of Cinema, Stereo, and their Combination, Nicholas J. Wade
  • Avant-3D: Notes on Experimental Stereoscopic Cinema and its Relation to the Other Arts, Ray Zone
  • Stereoscopic Media: Scholarship Beyond Booms and Busts, Leon Gurevitch and Miriam Ross
  • Muybridge’s Enthalpy, Kenneth White
  • Of Motors, Martians, and Jazz Age Cuties: The Stereoscopic Inventions of Laurens Hammond, Owen Chapman and Alison Reiko Loader
  •  Industrial Magic and Light: 3D at the New York World’s Fair (1939), Haidee Wasson

PART II: Visual Regimes of 3D Cinema

  • This Side of Paradise: Immersion and Emersion in S3D and AR, Olivier Asselin and Louis Auger Gosselin
  • Colin Low and ‘Transitions 3D’: Innovating Immersive cinema, David Harris Smith
  • Perceptual Artefacts, Suspension of Disbelief and Realism in Stereoscopic 3D Film, Robert S. Allison, Laurie M. Wilcox and Ali Kazimi
  • For Your Glasses Only: ‘The Stewardesses’ and Sex in Three Dimensions, Lance Duerfahrd

PART III: Poetics and Politics of 3D Space

  • Anticipation of Contact: Pina 3D and Stereoscopic Cinematography, Alla Gadassik
  • Beyond Cheap Thrills: 3D Cinema Today, the Parallax Debates, and the ”Pop-Out“, Barbara Klinger
  • Transitions, Images, and Stereoscopic 3D Cinema, Ron Burnett
  • A Film for Pina: Keynote of the Toronto International Stereoscopic 3D Conference, Wim Wenders


  •  Ian Balfour, On the Intractable, Now and Then


  • Alfredo Cramerotti, Alternativa, Wyspa Institute of Art, Gdańsk
  • Meghan Bissonnette, Frida & Diego: Passion, Politics and Painting, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
  • Richard William Hill, The Return of a Lake, Maria Thereza Alves at dOCUMENTA 13, Kassel
  • Matthew Flisfeder, Dialectical Passions: Negation in Postwar Art Theory by Gail Day 
  • Julia Aoki, Ecologies of Affect: Placing Nostalgia, Desire and Hope edited by Tonya K. Davidson, Ondine Park and Rob Shields

270 pages | illustrated throughout with 50+ colour images
includes custom 3D glasses
$20 or subscribe