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| Spring 2017 |

Editors: Sean O’Brien, Imre Szeman and Eva-Lynn Jagoe

DEMOS: WE HAVE NEVER BEEN DEMOCRATIC is based on conversations held and work developed during the 2015 Banff Research in Culture (BRiC) residency. The residency brought together artists, writers, researchers, and cultural producers who in their work explore the ways in which we might reinvigorate democratic life today—not just ‘democratic’ in the narrow, political sense, but as life in common, in which being and belonging engender the full flourishing of individuals and communities. PUBLIC 55 challenges the notion that the neoliberal present constitutes a radical deviation from a vibrant history of democratic liberalism. Indeed, our contention is that the ideal held out by the concept of the demos has never been realized. In this spirit, the essays, interviews and artist projects collected here begin to think through the possibilities for collective life at a moment when democracy no longer seems to exist anywhere.



Introduction | Sean O’Brien

Manifesto for the New Political Pop Song | Catherine Ryan

Attention’s Deficit | Eva-Lynn Jagoe

The Unknown Student | Fraser McCallum

Art, Culture and Systemic Change: An Interview with Astra Taylor | Tara Mahoney

Choreographies of Binding and Unbinding: On the Drawings of Andrea Bowers | Hannah Ellul

“To Tenant”: Situating the Realtor Within | Darren Fleet

Visibilities of Exchange Across Forms: A Case Study of The House of Mirth | Shama Rangwala

Border, Theory, Contract: An Interview with Angela Mitropoulos | Sean O’Brien

Remember the Hoarding: A Public Art Non-Happening | Gretchen Coombs

Roch Commune 2.0 | Henry Adam Svec & Eleanor King

Climb the Mountain | Eleanor King & Henry Adam Svec

Energy Demo(s): Towards a Rhythmanalysis of Capital and Extraction | David Janzen

Writing as Praxis: An Interview with Nina Power | Catherine Ryan

“Helter Shelter”: An Introduction to the Poetry of James R. Louden | David Eso

Wandering Gramsciwards | Angel Chen

Democracy, Class, and White Settler Colonialism | W. Oliver Baker

Beef In The Sea | Francesca Hawker

Creative Publics: Participatory Political Culture and the 2015 Canadian Federal Election | Tara Mahoney

Living in Messy Times: An Interview with Kit Dobson | Ryan Fitzpatrick


Exhibition and Book Reviews by: Scott Birdwise | Natalie Greenberg | Taya Hanauer | Esmé Hogeveen | Eli Horwatt | Marianna Tsionki


200 pages | Full colour
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