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Original, Critical, Beautiful

PUBLIC is an interdisciplinary journal with a core focus on visual art. It strives to be an accessible, smart and beautiful journal about art with the timeliness and visual interest of a magazine, but the longevity of a book. PUBLIC maintains an enduring and esteemed profile in the periodicals market with its demonstrated commitment to publishing works, both written and visual, that are innovative and challenging, forward-thinking and critical, and engage both internationally and locally inflected perspectives. The journal devotes each 180+ – page, perfect-bound semi-color issue to a contemporary problem or theme and features content that combines critical writing, rich illustration throughout, and artist portfolios. PUBLIC stands apart from other publications by being conceived as a hybrid intellectual and creative forum that investigates how theoretical and critical issues intersect with art and public culture. The Collective and Boards work to consistently produce a creative and highly readable journal that also functions as an exhibition space for showcasing local, national, and international artist practices through the inclusion of images throughout the articles and in separate artist portfolios. The editors of each issue, experts in their field, act as the initial curators, while our integration of a double blind peer-review process has emphasized our commitment to producing critically relevant, cohesive issues. Contributors—consisting of Canadian and international artists, scholars, and curators—provide in depth and rigorous contribution on issues, themes and concerns within contemporary culture and the arts.

PUBLIC regularly invites guest editors from a variety of communities and organizations and features established as well as up-and-coming writers and artists. It also regularly collaborates with various institutions to create special issues that accompany  exhibitions or events. Always committed to innovative and unexpected modes of presentation, issues of PUBLIC have often incorporated design features and conceptual details that are specifically related to the nature of the issue’s theme (such as foldouts or DVDs), resulting in distinct issues that contribute to a collective vision and exploration of a theme and make each issue a self-contained and long-lasting reference.

PUBLIC is available across Canada and internationally. The subscriber base consists of individual scholars, critics, artists, and curators, and major institutions such as university, museum, and public libraries. PUBLIC is distributed in bookstores, newsstands and museum/gallery stores.

Print ISSN: 0845-4450
Online ISSN: 2048-6928.

PUBLIC was founded in 1988 by the Public Access Collective, a charitable non-profit organization. Its evolving membership has been curating and producing projects and urban interventions, speaker series and artist talks for over 20 years.

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