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24: Being on Time


| Spring 2002 |

Editors: Chloë Brushwood Rose, Caitlin Fisher, Marc Piccinato and Sarah Robayo Sheridan


  • ‘Being on Time’, Chloë Brushwood-Rose, Caitlin Fisher, Marc Piccinato and Sarah Robayo Sheridan
  • ‘Overheard While’, Michael Snow
  • ‘As’, Sean Cubitt
  • ‘Butterfly Quilt’, Mike MacDonald
  • ‘City as Classroom [excerpts]’, Marshal McLuhan, Kathryn Hutchon and Eric McLuhan
  • ‘Artifice and Education: Re-mediating Curriculum’, Chloë Brushwood Rose
  • ‘Cool Timing: Temporality, Art and Learning’, Warren Crichlow
  • ‘Art Has Always Been Virtual’, Ron Burnett
  • ‘Untitled’, Ho Tam
  • ‘The Meaning of Flux: Disscussion’
  • ‘Local Time’, James Carl
  • ‘Hiccup’, Kelly Mark
  • ‘On the Difficulty of Our Education from the Vantage of Child Psychoanalysis and its Time of Controversies’, Deborah Britzman
  • ‘…Bump in the Night’, Lisa Steele, Kim Tomczak
  • ‘Blue Slowly’, Michael Pastoureau, translated by Sarah Robayo Sheridan
  • ‘Untitled’, John Greyson
  • ‘Afterword’, Janine Marchessault, Sarah Robayo Sheridan


This issue emerged from an extensive art project where students from a Toronto high school worked with professional artists to produce an interactive exhibition. The resulting installations, shown in the issue in CD-ROM format, explored the relationships and boundaries between high school and the city, art and education, age and adolescence, and high and low technology. The works included chart the experience of time in high school, or, as Marshall McLuhan deftly put it, “doing time.”


James Carl, “Local Time”:

“The material city is a mosaic compromised of intersections of time, space, purpose, style and chance. The result is literally monumental in scale and function. The built world is our most direct connection with the past, and the activity that constituted that past. The architectural layering of the city makes object the operations that constituted past time: plans drawn, decisions made, materials assembled; friends, relatives and experts consulted, conflict established and/or resolved; buildings built, re-built, re-surfaced, re-thought, re-fused, re-possessed.” (80)