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3: Carnal Knowledge


| Spring 1990 |

Editors: Sylvie Bélanger, Christine Davis, Mark Lewis, Janine Marchessault, and Tom Taylor


  • ‘Corps d’Energie Rituels d’Écriture’, Nicole Brossard
  • ‘Decapitation, Criticism and Terror’, Philip Monk
  • ‘How to Read Character’, Tom Taylor
  • ‘The Homosexual Body: Resources and a Note on Theory’, Simon Watney
  • ‘Reading After the (Writing) Fact’, Lola Lemire Tostevin
  • ‘Aids as a Globalizing Panic’, John O’Neill
  • ‘Mysogynist Masquerade’, Abigail Solomon-Godeau
  • ‘Subways and Health’, Lang Baker
  • ‘Metapsychology of the Infant Body: Psychoanalytical Aesthetics Reconsidered’, Charles Levin


Simon Watney, “The Homosexual Body: Resources and a Note on Theory”:

“What is said about sex must not be analyzed simply as the surface of projection of these power mechanisms. Indeed, it is in discourse that power and knowledge are joined together. And for this very reason, we must conceive discourse as a series of discontinuous segments whose tactical function is neither uniform nor stable. To be more precise, we must not imagine a world of discourse divided between accepted discourse and excluded discourse, or between the dominant discourse and the dominated one; but as a multiplicity of discursive elements that can come into play in various strategies.” (47-48)