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35: Crack the Sky


| Spring 2007 |

Curator: Wayne Baerwaldt


  • ‘Avant-propos’, Claude Gosselin
  • ‘Foreword’, Claude Gosselin
  • ‘Remuer ciel et terre’, Wayne Baerwaldt
  • ‘Crack the Sky’, Wayne Baerwaldt
  • ‘The Artists in the Biennale’
  • ‘Biographies and Works’
  • ‘Venues’


This full colour issue is a collaboration with the Centre International D’Art Contemporain of Montreal and curator Wayne Baerwaldt of The Alberta College of Art and Design, showcasing a diverse range of over fifty international and Canadian artists. The Biennale exhibition focused on the theme of “borders,” the fluidity of borders, whether physical, conceptual, or political.


Wayne Baerwaldt: Curtator, La Biennale de Montréal 2007, “Crack in the Sky”:

“I am not presenting an idealized portrait of the globetrotting artist- the reverse is the case. The journey out into the world at large and back again, in search of supportive colleagues, collectors and public/private cultural institutions is daunting especially in the face of Canadian federal government cutbacks that question the needs and goals of artists interfacing with the rest of the world. Most of the artists participating in Crack the Sky have experienced youthful setbacks, the indifferences of local and national curators, critics, collectors or arts councils and foundations, doubts that are legion in length and scope. They encounter career challenges as frankly and dispassionately as their current and future triumphs.” (34)