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34: d:\personal


| Fall 2006 |

Editors: Chloë Brushwood Rose and Caitlin Fisher


  • ‘Introduction’, Chlöe Brushwood Rose, Caitlin Fisher
  • ‘What’s in the Box? How Mundanity and Terror Are Modulated in the Blogging of Trauma’, Ben Hoh
  • ‘Interview with Hasan Elahi’, Lynn Cazabon
  • ‘Story Wearables: An Alternative Autobiography’, Xiao Li Tan
  • ‘360º’, Caitlin Fisher
  • ‘Dear Miss Millicent Jones’, Rebecca Rouse
  • ‘Augmenting Digital and Analog Memory’, Helen Papagiannis
  • ‘MASTABA: Family Digital Shrine’, Daisuke Uriu, Takahiro Ogasawara, Naohito Shimizu
  • ‘Buttons: A Blind Camera’, Sascha Pohflepp
  • ‘First-person Hypertext’, Caitlin Fisher
  • ‘Digital Storytelling: Capturing Lives, Creating Community’, Joe Lambert
  • ‘There Are Stories …’, Jennifer LaFontaine
  • ‘The Story Project’, Nancy Han, Leticia Ramirez-Arana, Salma Ahmed
  • ‘My Hero’, Camille Turner
  • ‘Email Message’, Michael Current (via Alan Sondheim)
  • ‘Technobiographies as Stories of Learning’, Chlöe Brushwood Rose
  • ‘Amalgamations’, Jason Salavon
  • ‘Corpus Simsi or, Can a Body Tell a Story?’, Joyce Goggin
  • ‘Your Memory, Connected’, Chao-Ming James Teng and Edward Shen

(DVD Contents):

Video Demos:

  • ‘Augmented Reality prototypes’, Helen Papagiannis
  • ‘Buttons’, Sascha Pohflepp
  • ‘Wearable Autobiography’, Xiao Le Tan

Digital Stories:

  • ‘360º’, Caitlin Fisher
  • ‘Dear Miss Millicent Jones’, Rebecca Rouse
  • ‘My Hero Camille Turner’
  • ‘These Are Stories’, Jennifer LaFontaine
  • ‘The Story Project’:
    • Letter to my Mom, Nancy Han
    • My Amazing Andreas, Leticia Ramirez-Arana
    • Untold Story, Salma Ahmed


Joe Lambert, “Digital Storytelling: Capturing Lives, Creating Community”:

“Personal storytelling, in the forms of recitation and creative writing, had a renaissance in the 1990s. Educators, business people, creative designers, and community activists all found themselves drawn to the idea, as author and storytelling consultant Richard Stone (1994) has described it, of the ‘re-storification’ of our culture. Stone sees modern culture, and many of us would agree, as having clear-cut away our use of story as cultural glue. In traditional cultures, the intermingling of personal stories, communal stories, myths, legends and folktales not only entertained us, but created a powerful empathetic bond between ourselves and our communities. Like the environmental process where we are now attempting to recover the forests that were swept away by industrial logging methods, we are facing a painful but critical process to find ways to integrate story back into our lives.” (73)