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36: Emergency


| Fall 2007 |

Editors: Deborah Root and Kathryn Walter


  • ‘Introduction’, Deborah Root and Kathryn Watler
  • ‘Mr Gupta and the Madam from Canada’, P.K. Bassi
  • ‘Austerity Measures’, Kenneth Hayes
  • ‘Revisiting Critical Theory in the Post-September 11th World: Identity, Security, and Democratic Governance’, E. Fuat Keyman
  • ‘Evolving Ideas About Security’, Jane Boulden
  • ‘Civilization: Ongoing Holocausts’, Derrick Jensen
  • ‘Panic in the Mall’, Riley Olstead
  • ‘Fire Station 345’, John Lorinc
  • ‘The Camp: A Place where Law has Declared the Rule of Law does not Operate’, Sherene H. Razack
  • ‘Sea Turtles’, YWF-Kido Foundation
  • ‘’, Arthur Brown

Artists’ Projects:

  • ‘Sirens’, Stan Denniston
  • ‘Floating House’, Paulette Phillips
  • ‘Parallel World – The Architecture of Survival’, Boja Vasic
  • ‘My Dad’s Foggy Way’, Frank Woodbury and Greg Woodbury


Derrick Jensen, “Civilization: Ongoing Holocausts”:

“Let’s be clear. The richest one-fifth of the world: consume 45 percent of all meat and fish, while the poorest fifth consume 5 percent; consume 58 percent of total energy, the poorest fifth less than 4 percent; have 74 percent of all telephone lines, the poorest fifth 1.5 percent; consume 84 percent of all paper, the poorest fifth 1.1 percent; own 87 percent of all vehicles, the poorest fifth less than 1 percent. Taking out the electrical infrastructure will not harm the poor. It will harm only those who are killing the poor, and killing the world.” (77)