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33: Errata


| Spring 2006 |

Editors: An Te Liu and Andrew Payne


  • ‘Mistakes’, Olia Mishchenko
  • ‘Introduction’, An Te Liu and Andrew Payne
  • ‘Once There Were Revolutions: Now There Are Only Surprises’, Ian Hacking
  • ‘Eureka’’, Edgar Allan Poe
  • ‘Aleatory Writing: Notes Toward a Poetics of Chance’, Christian Bök
  • ‘Floating Trial’, Adam Gilders
  • ‘fades’, Carsten Nicolai
  • ‘Three Chances’, Jean-Michel Robarté
  • ‘Some Ideas About Colour’, Olafur Eliasson
  • ‘On Chance and Contingency in Science and Art’, Harry Collins and Trevor Pinch
  • ‘They say …’, Rico ‘Beeg Mon’ Carty
  • ‘A Chapter of Accidents’, Steve McCaffery
  • ‘Human Writes’, William Forsythe and Kendall Thomas
  • ‘Strategies of Indeterminacy in Recent Landscape Practice’, Charles Waldheim
  • ‘Untitled’, Marc Böhlen
  • ‘Skunk Motel’, Robert Fones
  • ‘9th & Berry’, Drew Sinclair
  • ‘Philosophising by Accident’, Bernard Stiegler
  • ‘Artist’s Project’, Marla Hlady
  • ‘Of Mishaps Miracles’, Andrew Payne


Andrew Payne, “Of Mishaps Miracles”:

“Errata reveal that interval, decisive as it is infinitesimal, in which our acts, at the very moment of being actualized, part company with our intentions. They register the lapses in our ego-driven attention to the world, marking the syncopation of conscious and unconscious experience thanks to which chance gets a chance. But who or what gives what chance gets? And how do the moral agents of these acts receive this aleatory largesse, as blessing or as curse? Producing a kind of detour or deviation at the origin, these last two questions lead away from a theory of errata, of mishaps and mistakes, and toward a theory of the miracle.” (112)