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25: Experimentalism

Sold Out

| Spring 2002 |

Editors: Gary Kibbins and Susan Lord


  • ‘Experimentalism’, Gary Kibbins, Susan Lord
  • ‘The Changing of the Guard’, William C. Wees
  • ‘Poetico-Political Audio Visions’, Sandra Lischi, translated by Duru H.M. Eldahudy
  • ‘Notes on My Emigration’, Steve Reinke
  • ‘9/11, Critique, and Avante-Garde Film’, Steve MacDonald
  • ‘A Mutated Trumpet from Afar: Ruminations on the Cinematic Avante-Garde’, Peter Harcourt
  • ‘Knight’s Moves’, Peter Wollen
  • ‘This Year It’s All About the Money’, Mike Hoolboom
  • ‘A Letter to Our Shareholders’, Michelle Kasprzak
  • ‘Invisible Media’, Laura U. Marks
  • ‘Just Try It’, Judy Radul
  • ‘Something Always Seems to Go Wrong Somewhere’, John Greyson
  • ‘Ready Access’, Jan Peacock
  • ‘Fringe Experientiality’, James Missen
  • ‘Bear Assumptions: Notes on Experimentalism’, Gary Kibbins
  • ‘When the Hand Is Not Always Quicker Than the Eye’, Frances Leeming
  • ‘Saxophone Countering Trumpet in Relation to Tulips’, Andrew J. Paterson
  • ‘Alternative Scenario: History of the Refused’, Abigail Child
  • ‘Documents: Blowing the Trumpet to the Tulips’

Artists’ Projects:

  • Adrian Blackwell
  • Judith Doyle
  • Zachery Longboy
  • Ho Tam
  • Kika Thorne


Steve Reinke, “Notes on My Emigration”:

“Americans are nostalgic Utopianists, solipsistic confessors: options not available to Canadians. Joseph Beuys said that every nation gets the artists it deserves, and A.A. Bronson has written that Canadian artists are bureaucrats. We are a nation of bureaucrats and educators. More often we ironically displace the discourses of bureaucrats and educators into satire, parody, pastiche: Vera Frenkel, Gary Kibbins, General Idea, John Greyson, Germaine Koh, Stan Douglas, Andrew Paterson, etc.” (37)