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15: Icons & Idols

Sold Out


| Spring 1997 |

Editors: Andrew Payne and Evonne Levy


  • ‘Icons and Memory: Aristotle on Remembrance’, Jack M. Greenstein
  • ‘Job’s Eyes’, John Massey
  • ‘Iconomystica’, Hubert Damisch
  • ‘Excavating the Shroud’s Absent Stains’, Cornelius Heesters
  • ‘Materialist Mutations of the Bilderverbot’, Rebecca Comay
  • ‘Golem’, Simon Glass
  • ‘Distance and Its Icon’, Jean-Luc Marion
  • ‘The Miraculous Mechanical Reproduction in the Age of Digital Reproducibility’, Evonne Levy
  • ‘Deren’s Ritual: (Atale from The Aphoristic Theater)’, Alan Weiss
  • ‘Seduction: A Few Words About Baudrillard’s “Sex”’, Caroline Bayard, Michael Kliffer, Daniel Simeoni
  • ‘The Destiny of Sexes and the Decline of Sexual Illusion’, Jean Baudrillard
  • ‘In the Land of Exiles, Where Miracles Happen’, John Phillip Santos
  • ‘Icons of Aberration’, Michel Nedjar


Jean Baudrillard, “The Destiny of Sexes and the Decline of Sexual Illusion”:

“Seduction is that which takes meaning away from discourse and makes it veer away from its truth. Thus, through seduction, that which is manifest, discourse at its most superficial, turns around and back upon its deepest level (conscious or unconscious) to cancel it out and substitute it with the charm and decoy of appearances. These appearances are not frivolous at all, but signal a game, its stakes, and a passion for displacement – since seducing signs themselves is more important than the emergence of any truth – a passion which interpretation overlooks and destroys in its quest for a hidden meaning.” (117)