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| Fall 2017 | Editors: Serkan Ozkaya and Robert Fitterman For twenty years, Marcel Duchamp secretly worked on his final art piece, Étant donnés, in his New York City studio. After he died in 1968, the work was installed at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It consists of a closed chamber, wherein a naked woman […]

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| Spring 2017 | Editors: Sean O’Brien, Imre Szeman and Eva-Lynn Jagoe DEMOS: WE HAVE NEVER BEEN DEMOCRATIC is based on conversations held and work developed during the 2015 Banff Research in Culture (BRiC) residency. The residency brought together artists, writers, researchers, and cultural producers who in their work explore the ways in which we […]

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54: Indigenous Art

| Winter 2016 | Editors: Heather Igloliorte, Julie Nagam, Carla Taunton INDIGENOUS ART: NEW MEDIA AND THE DIGITAL convenes leading scholars, curators, and artists from the Indigenous territories in Canada, the United States of America, Australia, and Aotearoa (New Zealand). It brings forth urgent conversations about resistance to colonial modernism, and highlights the historic and ongoing […]

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53: Mega-Event Cities

| Spring 2016 | Editors: Peter Dickinson, Kirsty Johnston, and Keren Zaiontz MEGA-EVENT CITIES brings together leading scholars, artists, and activists to examine the role of the arts in articulating the social agendas of urban mega-events like Olympic Games and World Expos. As mega-events circulate from one city to the next, they leave complex (often ruinous) infrastructural […]

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52: Havana

| Winter 2015 | Edited by Susan Lord, Dannys Montes de Oca Moreda, and Zaira Zarza HAVANA highlights two distinct historical moments in the art and cultural politics of Havana: the 1960s, and 50 years later, the post-2010s. At the heart of the issue sits the 12th Havana Biennial, featuring curatorial statements and dossiers comprising […]

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51 Colour
51: Colour

| Summer 2015 | Edited by Christine Davis and Scott Lyall Colour is a collection of texts and images that record an attempt to think artistically about colour. Tracing a more than two-year conversation between its editors, this volume is a montage of ideas about art and colour slyly mapped against the format of a […]

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50: The Retreat

| Fall 2014 | Edited by Sarah Blacker, Imre Szeman, and Heather Zwicker The question of why the practice of retreat is important, of why it is different from forms of self-alienation, and of why (what might seem like) passivity could be a positive form of agency, remains open. However, the notion and the act […]

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49: Trauma

| Spring 2014 | Edited by Paula M. Gardner and Charles Reeve When culture responds to trauma, it seems self-evident that three mechanisms are involved: the event, the trauma it provokes, and the cultural response. But what if that is backwards? What if trauma is itself a cultural production, borne of a need for societies […]

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48: The End

| Fall 2013 | Edited by Christine Davis and Scott MacKenzie This issue brings together an international array of scholars and artists to examine the current political and cultural fascination with material and symbolic representations of “The End.” From the end of Communism to the end of higher education, the end of the environment to […]

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47: 3D Cinema and Beyond

| Spring 2013 | Edited by Dan Adler, Janine Marchessault and Sanja Obradovic This issue brings together essays and artist portfolios that engage with mainstream entertainment, experimental film and historical scholarship as part of a larger context for examining the grammar of 3D cinema — its histories and its futures. From cinema and television to […]

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46: Prime Mover

By Christopher Eamon/ PUBLIC 46: Prime Mover is a selection of five essays corresponding to five hypothetical exhibitions of works from an influential private collection with which Eamon was professionally involved for more than ten years. The collection, one of the first in private hands to focus almost exclusively on time-based media, has been the […]

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45: Civic Spectacle

| Spring 2012 | Edited by Jim Drobnick and Jennifer Fisher / This issue of PUBLIC considers how large-scale events have challenged conventional understandings of audience, spectacle, and what it means to “view” art. The recent success of Nuit Blanche, for instance, breeds a paradox: in one night, the number of visitors often surpasses the […]

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44: Experimental Media

| Fall 2011 | Edited by Peggy Gale / Contents ‘An Open Field: Experimental Media’ [Editor’s Introduction] ‘Cultural Engineering’, Tom Sherman ‘Medium Practices’, Nicky Hamlyn ‘Excerpts from the Strategic Reality Dictionary’, Konrad Becker ‘On Medium Specificity’, Michael Snow ‘Words at Issue’, Christina Battle ‘The Time of the Audiovisual and Multimedia Archive’ / ‘Le Temps des […]

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43: Suburbs + The Leona Drive Project

| Spring 2011 | Edited by Steven Logan, Janine Marchessault, and Michael Prokopow Please note: Stand-alone catalogue of The Leona Drive Project is still available here. Overview: This issue explores the Suburbs as dwelling in transition, as utopian vision, a way of life, a built form and as a significant economic and political dimension of […]

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42: Traces

| Fall 2010 | Edited by Chloë Brushwood Rose and Mario Di Paolantonio Contents: Editors’ Introduction, ‘Traces’ Vikki Bell, ‘On Shoes and Shadows: Political Ethics in the Art of Graciela Sacco’ Elke Grenzer, ‘Material Losses’ Sara Matthews ‘Tracing the Human: Memory and the Visual Frame in The Hero Book’ Angela Failler with artwork by Eisha […]

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Public Journal Issue 41 - Gardens
41: Gardens

| Spring 2010 | Editors: Erin Despard and Monika Kin Gagnon Contents: ‘Introduction’, Erin Despard and Monkia Kin Gagnon ‘L’Homme symbiotique’, ‘Symbolic Man’, Gilles Clément ‘La position de Melle: Jardin d’eau – jardin d’orties’, ‘Melle’s Position: Jardin d’eau – jardin d’orties’, Gilles Clément ‘The Hidden Value of Allotment Gardens in the Urban Context: The Alex […]

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Public Journal Issue 40 - Screens
40: Screens

| Fall 2009 | Editors: Susan Lord, Dorit Naaman and Jennifer VanderBurgh Contents: ‘Auditorium, Maratha Mandir, Mumbai’, Zubin Pastakia ‘The Kiss’, Kelly Mark ‘Introduction’, Susan Lord, Dorit Naaman, and Jennifer VanderBurgh ‘The Wars of Air and Electricity’ Holly Lewis ‘Screening Rooms: The Movie Theatre in/and the Gallery’, Erika Balsom ‘Data Dances: The Aesthetics of Surveillance, […]

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39: New Communities

| Spring 2009 | Editor: Nina Möntmann Contents: ‘Introduction’, Nina Möntmann ‘New Communities’, Nina Möntmann ‘Experimental Communities’, Carlos Basualdo and Reinaldo Laddaga ‘Collaboration in Art and Society: A Global Pursuit of Democratic Dialogue’, Nikos Papastergiadis ‘Complications; On Collaboration, Agency and Contemporary Art’, Maria Lind ‘The Affectivist Manifesto. Artistic Critique in the Twenty-First Century’, Brian Holmes […]

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38: projects for a small world

| Fall 2008 | Editors: Gregory Burke and Christine Davis Artists’ Projects: ‘Black Out’, Glenn Ligon ‘Adventures of Deary’, Mark von Schlegell ‘Six Collages’, Christina Forrer ‘Perversions of Empire: The Concrete Oracles’, Seher Shah ‘Will Someone Please Explain It to Me, I’ve Just Become a Radical’, Matthew Buckingham ‘War Porn’, Fiona Banner Maria Eichhorn ‘Ten […]

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37: Public?

| Spring 2008 | Editors: Aleksandra Kaminska, Janine Marchessault and Jason Rovito Content: ‘Introduction’, Aleksandra Kaminska, Janine Marchessault and Jason Rovito ‘The Crystal Palace’, Peter Sloterdijk ‘The Joy of Work as Participation’, Dorothy Lee ‘Aesthetic Challenges for Cognition in Public Space’, Martin Morris ‘Bobok: From Somebody’s Diary’, Fyodor Dostoyevsky ‘The Publicness of Melodrama in the […]

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