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Land|Slide: Possible Futures

Price: $ 45.00

Edited by Janine Marchessault, Chloƫ Brushwood Rose, Jennifer Foster, and Aleksandra Kaminska

Publication Date: May 2015
Flexibound, 248 pages, 10.5 x 8
Illustrated throughout in full colour
ISBN: 978-0-921344-54-4
Also available from Amazon
Distributed by ABC Art Books

A limited-edition exhibition catalogue of the Land|Slide: Possible Futures exhibition, which took place at the Markham Museum and Heritage Village in Markham, Ontario in 2013. The catalogue includes a curatorial statement by Janine Marchessault, essays, and documentation of the over 30+ artist projects, including artist statements.

Reviewed in Hyperallergic and Public Art Review (Fall/Winter 2015.



Iain Baxter& | Andrew Bieler and Heather Rigby | Blue Republic | Angel Chen | Aron Louis Cohen | Dave Colangelo and Patricio Davila | Christine Davis | Department of Unusual Certainties | Duke and Battersby | Caitlin Fisher, Tony Vieira, and Tristan Prescott | Ken Gregory | David Han | Frank Havermans | Philip Hoffman | Mark-David Hosale | Terrance Houle | Maria Hupfield | Adrian Blackwell and Jane Hutton | Ali Kazimi | David Kidman | L+ | Deirdre Logue | Glynis Logue | Marman and Borins | Allyson Mitchell | MMM: Lisa Myers, Sean Martindale, and Yvan MacKinnon | Lisa Myers and Richard Fung | Julie Nagam | Skyhill Collective | David Harris Smith | Laura St. Pierre | Jennie Suddick | Xu Tan | Jeff Thomas | TIMEANDDESIRE | Tongue & Groove | Camille Turner


  • Janine Marchessault, Going Public: Art, Urbanism, and Civic Engagement in the Twenty-First Century
  • Shelley Hornstein, Dirt is Not a Dirty Word
  • ChloĆ« Brushwood Rose, The Intimate Relations of Sustainability: Pedagogical Encounters and Subjective Ecologies
  • Jennifer Foster, Unhooking Sustainability Discourse Through Art: Presence, Displacement, and the Cultural Politics of Representation
  • Julie Nagam, The Occupation of Space: Creatively Transforming Indigenous Living Histories in Urban Spaces
  • Aleksandra Kaminska and Janine Marchessault, Real and Virtual Histories of Past and Future in the Heritage Village
  • Yan Wu, Land|Slide: Possible Futures at the 5th Shenzen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture



LAND|SLIDE: Documents from Alec McKay on Vimeo.