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19: Lexicon 20th Century A.D. Volume 1 of 2

Sold Out


| Spring 2000 |

Editors: Christine Davis, Ken Allan and Lang Baker


  • ‘Abandoned Apartment Building’, Stan Douglas
  • ‘Alma’s Beauty College’, Stan Douglas
  • ‘Ammonia’, Jonathan Soffer
  • ‘Appearance’, Miriam Nichols
  • ‘Archaeology’, Lola Lemire Tostevin
  • ‘Archiveology’, Catherine Russell
  • ‘Art Hysterical Discourse’, Ken Allan
  • ‘Avant-Garde’, Janine Marchessault
  • ‘Beaver’, Chantal Nadeau
  • ‘Bi-polar’, Janine Marchessault
  • ‘Bit’, Will Straw
  • ‘Blue’, Scott MacKenzie
  • ‘Borders’, Robert Marchessault
  • ‘Boredom’, Elizabeth Legge
  • ‘Boredom’, Patrice S. Petro
  • ‘Breast’, Janine Marchessault
  • ‘Chemical’, Janine Marchessault
  • ‘Classroom’, Lynne Cohen
  • ‘Client’, Gerald Creede
  • ‘Clock’, Jason Weiss
  • ‘Clouds’, Mina Totino
  • ‘Collapsed House’, Stan Douglas
  • ‘Communication’, Emily Raboteau
  • ‘Community’, Janine Marchessault
  • ‘Confession’, Michel Foucault
  • ‘Consumer’, Tagny Duff
  • ‘Contact’, Lens Paul Kelley
  • ‘Continental Motors Plant’, Stan Douglas
  • ‘Corporate Office’, Lynne Cohen
  • ‘Corridor’, Lynne Cohen
  • ‘Culture, High and Low’, Clive Robertson
  • ‘Curator’, Tom Folland
  • ‘Cyberspace’, Dale Bradley
  • ‘Day’, Paul Kelley
  • ‘Dead’, Deborah Root
  • ‘Death’, Authorial’, Pain Brown
  • ‘Difference’, Susan Lord
  • ‘Divination (divinatio)’, Barbara Stafford
  • ‘Dorais Velodrome’, Stan Douglas
  • ‘Eating’, Maki Yagi
  • ‘Ecology’, Andrew Biro
  • ‘E-mail’, Janine Marchessault
  • ‘End’, Scott MacKenzie
  • ‘Enthusiasm’, Olivier Asselin
  • ‘Entrance’, Ken Allan
  • ‘Eurocentrism’, Cornel West
  • ‘Exile’, Janine Marchessault
  • ‘Film’, Janine Marchessault
  • ‘Filth’, Maria Troy
  • ‘Flight’, Ken Allan
  • ‘Fuck’, Mike Hoolboom
  • ‘Garbo’, Susan Lord
  • ‘Genetics’, Janine Marchessault
  • ‘Gluttony’, Emily Raboteau
  • ‘Hamtramck Colonial Housing’, Stan Douglas
  • ‘Hindism’, John O’Brian
  • ‘Hissar’, Sean Scherer
  • ‘Hoi Polloi’, Stephen Andrews
  • ‘Hologram’, Ryan Kamstra
  • ‘Home’, Janine Marchessault
  • ‘Home’, Sue Golding
  • ‘Horizon (Utopian)’, Darko Suvin
  • ‘J. L. Hudson Company Building’, Stan Douglas
  • ‘Human (The H in HIV)’, Deborah Esch
  • ‘Identity’, Rolando Perez
  • ‘Insomnia’, E. M. Cioran
  • ‘Institution’, Tom Folland
  • ‘Institutionalization’, Shu Gilbert Nakamura
  • ‘Intelligence’, Janine Marchessault
  • ‘Interesting’, Janine Marchessault
  • ‘Jazz’, Mike Hansen
  • ‘Laboratory’, Lynne Cohen
  • ‘Labour’, Janine Marchessault
  • ‘Landscape’, Luc Levesque
  • ‘Law’, Rebecca Comay
  • ‘Ledger’, Steve Venright
  • ‘Like’, Mike Hoolboom
  • ‘Lobby’, Lynne Cohen
  • ‘Love’, Sean Cubitt


Rolando Perez, “Identity”:

“Who is a Cuban? Is a Cuban someone of African descent brought to the island as a slave? Is that a Cuban? Cuba had a large Asian population. Weren’t the Chinese living in Cuba, who speak both Spanish and Chinese, also Cuban? How about the Spanish who came over and stayed like my grandparents, weren’t they Cubans? The native populations were wiped out early on. The Europeans would like to believe that Cuba, unlike the United States, is a country of racial harmony. What a myth that is!” (80)