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18: Light

Sold Out


| 1999 |

Editors: Susan Lord and Janine Marchessault


  • ‘Introduction’, Susan Lord, Janine Marchessault
  • ‘Some Thoughts on Light’
  • ‘Catastrophic Light: Transparency, Invisibility and Atomic Representation’, Akira Mizuta Lippit
  • ‘Building Sight: Claude-Nicholas Ledoux’s Coup d’Oeil du Théâtre Besançon’, Rodolphe el-Khoury
  • ‘The Garden of Light: Images of the Desert in Film’, Chris Byford
  • ‘Icarus Today: The Ephemeral Eye’, Christine Buci-Glucksmann
  • ‘Luz y Memoria / The Illumination of Memory’, Alberto Gomez
  • ‘Procedures for Measuring the Weight of Light’, Paul Kelley
  • ‘Life Light: Explorations in Alchemy and the Magic of Enlightenment’, Annette J. Burfoot
  • ‘The Work of Art in the Age of Lite Reading’, Nancy Steadman
  • ‘4 Texts about Light’, Nelson Henricks

Artists’ Projects:

  • South-West Landscape
  • Robert Marchessault
  • Ohne Titel
  • Andreas Kessler
  • Industrial Light: Photographs by Grant Cates (1895-1978)
  • Rosemary Donegan
  • Graphic Light
  • Stan Denniston
  • Die Nibelungen
  • Fritz Lang


Alberto Gomez, “Luz y Memoria / The Illumination of Memory”:

“Through the act of remembrance, the presence of the body is affirmed; in its absence, a space is opened for theoretical speculation and historical revision. At the industrial centre, the formation of postmodern theory emphasizes the separation of the body and memory, objective science and subjective remembrance. As part of a dominant discourse that negates the intertwining of collective and individual experience, this separation of the body from how it is remembered creates a cybernetic interpretation of social forces in which ideological opposition (as opposed to ideological duplication) and collective struggle (as opposed to the isolation of terrorism) is obscured. By severing the bond between the body and the memory of the living process of abstraction as history occurs.” (87)