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Since its inception in 1988, the Public Access Collective has initiated public art exhibitions.
Public Access is a collective of artists and writers whose purpose it is to pursue alternative sites
and strategies for the production and dissemination of visual and textual work, placing emphasis
on the interpretive and innovative use of contemporary communication. Moving outside the
confines of traditional gallery space and its supporting walls, the objective is to explore and
expand the interactive possibilities of contemporary art work within the public domain.

Public Access Projects:

  1. Some Uncertain Signs (1986)
  2. The Lunatic of One Idea (1987/1988)
  3. Posters Mean Business (1991/1992)
  4. Contested Spaces (1994)
  5. Being on Time (2000)
  6. Experimentalism (2001)
  7. Digital Poetics and Politics (2004)
  8. Leona Drive Project (2009)
  9. Until the End of the World Symposium (2012)
  10. Land/Slide: Possible Futures (2013)