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14: Québec


| Fall 1996 |

Editor: Janine Marchessault


  • ‘Singular Universalities: Québecois articulations of le culturel’, Martin Allor, Michelle Gagnon
  • ‘Freakshow: “Million Dollar Babies” and the National Family-rama’, Chantal Nadeau
  • ‘The Women’s Liberation Front of Québec’, Janine Marchessault
  • ‘A Line in the Snow: Visualizing Borders Imaginary and Real’, Scott MacKenzie
  • ‘Outside Looking In’, Caroline Bayard, Charles Guilbert, Serge Murphy
  • ‘Montréal By Night’, Robert Schwartzwald
  • ‘A Post Referendum Exchange’, Julian Samuel, Fred A. Reedl
  • ‘A Delicate Rupture’, Susan Douglas
  • ‘Oui the People? Conflicting Visions of Self-Determination in Québec’, Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond
  • ‘Post-Referendary Positions: A Dossier’, Will Straw

Artist Projects:

  • Carla Whiteside
  • John Zeppetelli
  • Anne-Marie Zeppetelli
  • Petra Mueller


Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond, “Oui The People?: Conflicting Visions of Self Determination in Québec”:

“First, to describe a community as ‘minority’ and to give it the label ‘our most important [ethnic] minority’ projects something other than blindness to ethnicity. For Aboriginal peoples, constructed therein as a minority of ‘lesser importance,’ the allegiance with French Canadian nationalism is weak, if present at all. The allegiance does not seem to matter because in the views of the Parti-Québécois, the Aboriginal peoples are a minority whose status and rights yield to the majority French Québécois, the Aboriginal leader vigorously reject being cast as minorities.” (121)