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9: Reading Our Rights


| Spring 1994 |

Editor: Andrew Payne


  • Reading Our Rights’, Andrew Payne
  • The Jurisprudence of Difference: Writing Law’s Others’, Peter Goodrich
  • An Interview with Jeff Wall’, Mark Lewis
  • Constituting Modernity: The Epic Horizons of Constitutional Narratives’, Jerald Zaslove
  • ‘from the Transit Bar’, Vera Frenkel
  • ‘Writing Cultural Differences into the Law’, Dilip Yogasundrum
  • ‘Being Out in Public: Questions of Praxis and Representation’, George Baird
  • ‘Sovereign Identities and the Politics of Forgetting’, R.B.J. Walker
  • ‘Architecture Body Parallax’, Alexander Pilis
  • ‘The Requirement’, Frank Graziano
  • ‘Alice James and the Right to Death’, Deborah Esch
  • ‘Julia Scher’s Aesthetic Occupations’, Public Access
  • ‘Television and the Fragility of Testimony’, Avital Ronell


Dilip Yogasundrum, “Writing Cultural Difference into the Law”:

“Black writing is caught between these two poles: of anticipating a subjectivity which it has been denied, but which, through its inscription, will demonstrate that that subjectivity was there all along; and recovering a subjectivity which will have funded a future horizon distinct from the particular subjectivity of the West.” (85)