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17: Talk


| 1998 |

Editors: Christina Ritchie and Jacob Wren


  • ‘Introduction’, Christina Ritchie, Jacob Wren
  • ‘Untitled’, Hans-Peter Feldman
  • ‘Interview’, E. M. Cioran, Jason Weiss
  • ‘A conversation between Henrik Hakansson and Terry R. Myers’
  • ‘I’m Sitting With Solipsists Thinking How and The Happy Idea’, John Barlow
  • ‘Interview’, David Hickey, Christina Ritchie, Jacob Wren
  • ‘Preferences’, James Carl, Lin Chun
  • ‘On Talking To Oneself’, William H. Gass
  • ‘Letter’, Emily Vey Duke
  • ‘Interview’, Tom Foll and, Christine Hart
  • ‘Drawings’, David Shrigley
  • ‘A Morning in the Life of Intelligent People’, Nicholas Mosley