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8: The Ethics of Enactment

Sold Out


| Fall 1993 |

Editors: Marc de Guerre and Kathleen Pirrie Adams


  • ‘The Ethics of Enactment’, Marc de Guerre, Kathleen Pirrie Adams
  • ‘Iconoclasts and Their Motives’, David Freedberg
  • ‘Rosa de Lima and the Tropes of Sanctity’, Frank Graziano
  • ‘A Note on the Failure of Man’s Custodianship: AIDS Update’, Avital Ronell
  • ‘Unveiling the Word: Science and Narrative in Transsexual Striptease’, Moe Meyer
  • ‘16 Isarstrasse’, Ronald Jones
  • ‘The Depth Inscribed on Surfaces’, Beth Seaton
  • ‘Contours of Naming: The Identity Card Project and the Tower of Faces at the United States ‘Holocaust Memorial Museum’, Andrea Liss
  • ‘Rodney King Police Beating, 1991 Disaster Series’, Danny Tisdale
  • ‘From Euphoria to Sobriety, From Reverie to Reverence: David Wojnarowicz and the Scenes of ‘AIDS Activism’, Jack Ben-Levi
  • ‘Sexual Manners’, Sue Golding
  • ‘The Booth, The Floor and The Wall: Dance Music and the Fear of Falling’, Will Straw
  • ‘Public “Privates” and the Gynecological Image’, Terri Kapsalis


Avital Ronell, “A Note on the Failure of Man’s Custodianship (AIDS Update)”:

“Ever since the original Regan ban on the word (however repressed or forgotten this initial ‘response’ may be), a politics of containment and boarder patrol has dominated the way this culture looks at AIDS. On a level of far lesser consequence, AIDS has not yet acquired the status of an object worthy of scholarly solicitude. Looking back, we can understand why there was such resistance (evidence by the political and linguistic behaviour of straights and gays alike) to admitting the epidemic into the rarefied atmosphere of academic inquiry: AIDS infected the academy, dissolving boundaries that traditionally set the disciplines off from one another, if only to secure their sense of self-knowledge.” (57)