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2: The Lunatic of One Idea

Sold Out


| Fall 1988 |

Editors: Sylvie Bélanger, Christine Davis, Mark Lewis, Janine Marchessault, and Tom Taylor


  • ‘Staging Politics in the Corporate Sphere’, Jane Kidd
  • ‘By the Lake: The Lunatic of One Idea’, William Wood
  • ‘Temps d’Ex-position’, Sylvie Bélanger
  • ‘The Oedipus Myth: Beyond the Riddles of the Sphinx’, Laura Mulvey
  • ‘Panic Meditations’, Arthur Kroker
  • ‘Attitudes’, Jana Sterbak
  • ‘The Ghost Dance: An Interview with Jacques Derrida’, Mark Lewis, Andrew Payne
  • ‘A Vehicle for the Urban Nomads’, Krzysztof Wodiczko, David Lurie
  • ‘The Museum of Accidents’, Paul Virilio
  • ‘An Erotics of Space’, Janine Marchessault
  • ‘The Lunatic of One Idea: A Documentation’


“The Ghost Dance: An Interview with Jacques Derrida”:

“These technologies inhabit, as it were, a phantom structure. Cinema is the art of phantoms; it is neither image nor perception. It is unlike photography or perception. And a voice on the telephone also possesses a phantom aspect: something neither real nor unreal which recurs, is reproduced for you in the final analysis of reproduction.” (61)