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11: Throughput


| Spring 1995 |

Editors: Marc de Guerre and Kathleen Pirrie Adams


  • ‘Situating Cyberspace,’ Dale Bradley
  • ‘Cyborg Unities Feminist SF and Cyberpunk’, Veronica Hollinger
  • ‘Virtual Bodies’, Catherine Richards
  • ‘Between Magic and the Algorithmic Image’, Yoshitomo Morioka
  • ‘The Act of Listening in the Age of Digital Musical Instruments’, Paul Théberge
  • ‘Human Sacrifice in Rational Economy’, Critical Art Ensemble
  • ‘Design, Interactivity and the Production of Meaning’, Derrick de Kerckhove
  • ‘Culture, Technologies: Conversant’, Joanne Yamaguchi
  • ‘Place and Image’, Alain Renaud
  • ‘Asleep in the Storehouse of Culture The McLuhan Conference and the Technologies of Remembering’, Kevin Dowler
  • ‘Virtuality and the Ghost of Religion’, Daniel Bougnoux

Artist Projects:

  • ‘Frankenstein Explorations in Manipulation and Surrationality’, Nancy Campbell
  • ‘Virtual Reality Made Simple’
  • ‘The Bedlam Stage Nomadic Multimedia Performance Space’, Matthew Talbot-Kelly
  • ‘Select Pacific Rim Satellites in Orbit’
  • ‘Waco Remains’
  • ‘X + YKnots, sideyardBungalow’, Suzan Selcuk, Steven Fong, Allucquere Rosanne Stone


Dale Bradley, “Situating Cyberspace”:

“Cyberspace is democracy and vice-versa. It is a solution which bolsters capitalism against the onslaught of its own informational complexity (or, contradictions). Power comes into being as discipline: a distribution of power through every node in the network. Capitalism, democracy, and communism are reduced to strategies for controlling information, the implication being that these social spaces, and the individuals contained therein, are nothing more than information in need of control.” (17)