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13: Touch in Contemporary Art

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| Spring 1996 |

Editor: David Thomas

  • ‘Aspects of Touch in Contemporary Art’, David Tomas
  • ‘On Passing Through Skin: Technology of Art and Sensation’, Richard Shiff
  • ‘Scenario of the Untouchable Body’, Jacinto Lageira
  • ‘Cut to the Radical of Orientation: / TWIN NOTES ON being in touch in Gary Hill’s (Videosomatic) Installation, Cut Pipe’, George Quasha, Charles Stein
  • ‘The Electronic Caress: Notes Frorn an Unconscious Subject’, Louise Wilson
  • ‘Echoes of Touch and the Temptations of Scientific Representations’, David Tomas
  • ‘Le scénario du corps intouchable’, Jacinto Lageira
  • ‘Toucher I’autre Une histoire de Surfaces corpo-électroniques’, Christine Ross


Christine Ross, “To Touch the Other: A Story of Corpo-electronic Surfaces”:

“Then desire is no longer thought of in terms of lack, it is articulated as a production of surfaces … Let us begin then, with this hypothesis: video technology which, when it takes a tactile approach to the surface (accentuating the electronic fluctuations of the skin, and the body’s scintillating contacts with the screen), radically undermines not only the conception of desire as lack but also the notion of the body as unified representation or distinct biological organism opposed to mind, thought, and the machine. When used in this way, video reduces to almost nothing the distance between the electronic wash of the image, the filmed body, and the viewer.” (50)