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12: Utopias

Sold Out


| Fall 1995 |

Editors: Christine Davis and Susan Lord


  • ‘What is a People?’, Giorgio Agamben
  • ‘On Hannah Arendt. “Thinking In My Identity Where Actually I Am Not”’, Janine Marchessault
  • ‘Free, Orderly, Inconsolable Heinrich Böll on the Occasion of His 75th Birthday’, Christa Wolf
  • ‘Hans Mayer: A German On Contradiction’, Christa Wolf
  • ‘THERE’, Paul Kelley
  • ‘Screen Skin Utopia’, Nicole Brossard
  • ‘Berlin Sewers, 1993’, Karl-Ludwig Lange
  • ‘Childhood, Path of Escape’, José Lebrero Stals
  • ‘Madame et Monsieur Teste: Notes Against Heterosexual Utopia in Paul Valéry’, Lang Baker
  • ‘Three for Public: Steve McCaffery, Nicole Brossard, Robin Blaser’, Miriam Nichols
  • ‘Society After the Revolution’, Marc Angenot
  • ‘From Aztlan to Tenochtitlan: The Transformation of Utopian Space’, Deborah Root


Giorgio Agamben, “What is a people?”:

“… our epoch is nothing other than the attempt- implacable and methodical – to end the split which divides the people, thus radically eliminating the populations of the excluded. This attempt joins, according to different formalities and horizons, the right and the left, capitalist countries and socialist countries, all of which are united in the project – futile in the final analysis but which has been partially realized in all industrialized countries – of producing a one, indivisible people; the obsession with development is so successful in our time because it coincides with the biopolitical project of producing a people without a fracture.” (12)